Damaged Roof?

Roof Fail?

Here are a couple great pictures of a completely worn-out roof. They show the hallmarks of failure; missing tabs, curling shingles, severe cracking and missing granules.

Feeling Drained?

Here’s a drain clean out. It’s about knee high on the outside of a home. The internal and removable screen prevents tree debris from clogging underground pipes. A little maintenance goes a long way.

Can You See the Light?

This is an original skylight installation on a manufactured home. When your roof is replaced your skylights must be replaced too. A 2′ x 6′ wooden frame will be constructed atop of your roof for a curb-mounted skylight to rest upon.

Need to Seal Out Water?

This is a manufactured home residing project.

Here, we are installing “Z” metal flashing on top of the belly band and measuring for skirting. When the siding is finally installed, the siding will cover the upper portion of the Z flashing. This seals out water and allows no moisture to sit on the flat surface of the belly band – making the belly band last longer.

Santas Not Making it Down This Chimney!

Most folks don’t get on top of their roofs and see things like this! Here’s a brick chimney sitting on a roof. The mortar between the bricks is breaking-out and the bricks need to sealed. Also, the chimney cap is broken and needs repair.

Water gets in behind worn-out masonry and freezes…pops the mortar out causing your chimney to leak and fall into crisis mode.
A masonry contractor needs to be called out to help you with your chimney. See tuckpointing.

Feeling Worn Out?

Badly worn 3-tab shingles. Notice the granules are gone.

The granules are to protect the asphalt/fiberglass mat from UV and wear. At this stage, leaks are already making an appearance in the home. It won’t be long before the mat wears out completely. The next step of degradation is curling and breaking.

Commercial Is in our Toolbelt

Example of a Torch Down Roofing System.

Low Slope Roofing

Manufactured Home Roofs

Shingled Roofs

This contractor was way over and above in quality of product used and workmanship of his crew. They were clean, quiet (as much as possible) and they had the job skills needed for. The job was finished on time as quoted.
Review By: Archie Miller 03/22/2018
We hired Allen Exterior for three separate projects: Replace portions of our siding; painting the exterior of our home; and replacing the roof of our home and carport. We had watched work being done in our community prior to our requesting proposals and were extremely pleased with the work we watched being done by the Allen Exterior team, especially their attention to details. We obtained proposals from four separate contractors and Marks was in the middle of the range of proposals. Marks inspection of our home was very thorough and his proposals for each project were very detailed and included notations of items that could arise once work began especially regarding our sagging carport roof. Two skylights had to be special ordered and we are very pleased with the new skylights. He gave us great advise and we felt the quality of all the work done on our home was outstanding. The work crews for each project were all hard working professionals and if something came up they would quickly let us know and we were able to review it with Mark before agreeing to any changes. They left the property clean each day. We would not hesitate to recommend them for any exterior projects.
Review by: George and Karen K.   12/04/2018
We just had a new roof and 2 skylights installed on our flat roof. Our experience with Mark and the crew at Allen Exterior has been excellent. They were very responsive to our needs and concerns from the start. I would have no hesitation in hiring them again and recommend them highly!
Review By: Stephanie and Larry Schorin Submitted: 03/05/2018
Mark was easy to work with. They completed the work on time and on budget. In fact Mark underestimated the cost of a skylight we were replacing. It turned out to be a special order and not the standard off the shelf size he put in his estimate. After a short wait the order came in and Mark personally installed the the skylight at no extra cost to us. Great customer service. Thank you Mark!
Review by: Mike F.   9/24/2018
Mark's crew was top notch. Mark was great to work with and went the extra mile to understand what our needs were and coordinate to get the job done the way we wanted it done. He was also helpful in working out important details like venting and coordinating with other trades that were doing work at the house. Highly recommend!
Review by: Paul N.  05/25/2018
Did an amazing job. Mark and his crew really went above and beyond. They really care about the customer. Quoted a good price and stayed within my budget. Would recommend them.
Review By: Ron Jackson  03/08/2018

 Professional, Concise and Knowledgeable about product, materials, application, warranties, safety and permits. estimate process on time, and explained in full detail, great listener. The crew left a completely clean and well dressed landscape when work completed. Excellent staff, polite, detail oriented cohesive team work. All aspects of work flow, explained. They created all their own in house sheet metal work for new roof and gutters. Everything customized for my roof-line, at no extra charge. Follow up and easy billing process. All warranties in writing. First, week after new roof added we had a major wind and rain storm. I slept without any fears as roof insulation made all sounds inside house minimal. Glad, I switched from EDM to PVC roof.

Review By: Annie Allerdice   01/05/2019