Damaged Roof?

Roof Fail?

Here are a couple great pictures of a completely worn-out roof. They show the hallmarks of failure; missing tabs, curling shingles, severe cracking and missing granules.

Feeling Drained?

Here’s a drain clean out. It’s about knee high on the outside of a home. The internal and removable screen prevents tree debris from clogging underground pipes. A little maintenance goes a long way.

Can You See the Light?

This is an original skylight installation on a manufactured home. When your roof is replaced your skylights must be replaced too. A 2′ x 6′ wooden frame will be constructed atop of your roof for a curb-mounted skylight to rest upon.

Need to Seal Out Water?

This is a manufactured home residing project.

Here, we are installing “Z” metal flashing on top of the belly band and measuring for skirting. When the siding is finally installed, the siding will cover the upper portion of the Z flashing. This seals out water and allows no moisture to sit on the flat surface of the belly band – making the belly band last longer.

Santas Not Making it Down This Chimney!

Most folks don’t get on top of their roofs and see things like this! Here’s a brick chimney sitting on a roof. The mortar between the bricks is breaking-out and the bricks need to sealed. Also, the chimney cap is broken and needs repair.

Water gets in behind worn-out masonry and freezes…pops the mortar out causing your chimney to leak and fall into crisis mode.
A masonry contractor needs to be called out to help you with your chimney. See tuckpointing.

Feeling Worn Out?

Badly worn 3-tab shingles. Notice the granules are gone.

The granules are to protect the asphalt/fiberglass mat from UV and wear. At this stage, leaks are already making an appearance in the home. It won’t be long before the mat wears out completely. The next step of degradation is curling and breaking.

Commercial Is in our Toolbelt

Example of a Torch Down Roofing System.

Low Slope Roofing

Manufactured Home Roofs

Shingled Roofs